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Nov. 22nd, 2009

My new Industrial Piercing

I love it <3
btw i promise my hair is wet in the picture, not greasy lol!

Oct. 9th, 2009

first post in a million years...

Sorry, college is insane. Here's a brief schedule layout from when I start and when how late I run to...

MWTh- 10:15 am - 11 pm
T - 8:00 am- 11pm
F- 8:00 am- 7:00 pm

(I get like a 2 hour break everyday for food but thats it)

Plus I've got a Saturday morning 3 hr Art History course, and Sunday rehearsals...

ANYWAY, I sent in my Wondy Postcard! How 'bout you?

Aug. 28th, 2009

(no subject)

So I moved back on to campus today...YAY JUNIOR YEAR! Rutgers has been totally swamped with incoming students so I am actually living in a hotel this year...It'll be interesting =) Anyway, here's some slightly angsty, mostly bad Spoiler/ Steph fanart:

Aug. 19th, 2009

Batgirl #1 : Opinions, Spoilers, & Waffles.

I really enjoyed Batgirl #1. A Lot.  I was glad to see quite a bit of Oracle in the book, she split the "screen time" about halfway with our new Batgirl (and my personal fav) Stephanie Brown.

Steph's "will-she-won't-she" dance over continuing caped life was really filling to read as a Stephanie fan.  Everyone wants to see her quit, and tells her so consistently that it has gotten so deep into her head. She feels guilty about her dependable status of being undependable, but just can't pull herself away from the hero gig. That along with her ongoing typical Steph musings made for good characterization.

Oracle's depression and anger over her lot in life was addressed a lot, by both Jim and Leslie.  Still, I'm hopeful and excited because all of this set-up is sure to be the start of Barb's road to happiness. And if anyone is good at pulling people out of their funks, it's Steph.

The only character portrayal I wan't completely pleased with was Cass Cain's.  Not that she was misrepresented, don't get me wrong...but I wanted to see more of her and fear that won't happen.  Her and Steph's fight scene was adorable. Cass has left her Bat title because of Bruce's death and doesn't seem to feel like the symbol should be used anymore.

Overall, I really loved the book...then again I read the whole thing from an adrenaline-pumping-insane-fangirl state.

Aug. 17th, 2009

Who am I looking at?

So as I become more nervous about Tim's lifespan sanity, I become less and less concerned about who will be Batgirl on Wednesday.  I am still one of the few remaining fans feeling pumped about this issue, as opposed to feeling OHCOMEONALREADY, but I'm not worried about who's under the cowl anymore =)

I had a strange, vain thought today about why Batgirl won't be Misfit or Oracle (the only 2 contenders for the only acceptable choices of Steph or Cass)...

All other points aside about status or powers, I don't think DC-execs would put them in the costume because of pure confusion caused by 1 too many busty red-heads flying around with a bat symbol on their chest.

The Batgirl November cover has been released with her hair flying about (shadowed of course) and other costume cover appearances are reminiscent of Barbara's old costume...in which she let her locks fly free...

Batwoman and Batgirl... just 2 red-headed gals on the town?....Nah, too confusing...

So somehow this purely hollow and vain reasoning has comforted me more than picture and text analyzing ever will...hmmm.


Jul. 31st, 2009


So I recently learned how to knit intarsia, and I made a Robin pattern!

Jul. 26th, 2009

too much time on the interwebs.

X-Men Evolution is on Hulu now! All four seasons!
This program is solely responsible for igniting any interest I have in Marvel! Though I don't read any of their titles except the occasional TPB. And only if it features Jean Grey && how super rad she is.

Anywaysss. yay!

Jul. 20th, 2009

Later Gator.

Hmm, I had some trouble with my last post... hopefully that won't occur with this one =)

So I am going to The View tomorrow with my aunty and grandparents. I'm super stoked but a little nervous as well because I have to take the subway alone. I've riden the subway thousands of times but never alone so I've actually never acquired any knowledge about how to navigate where I need to go... But anyway I plan on looking really animated and contemplative so the camera man will gaze my way haha

The Script will be playing...not really a fan. they're a bit to poppy for my taste but oh well, I love free music!

The point of this post is only to say that when I get back from my journey I will begin to hunt for a scanner (mines broked =p) to upload some TERRIBLE fanart I have done..

I did a colored drawing of Stephanie being somewhat angstyyyyyy. (SOMEwhat)
A scribble snuggle-fest picture of Babs && Dick
and a Wonder Woman costume redesign...that really isn't anything special but I felt it needed to be done...

They will be on the interwebs some time this wkend prolly...except Diana...she might have her own separate post...I have some things I need to type about her ...


GirlTastic BatMystery!

Image Numero Tres of the NEW Batgirl on DC's Blog:

Honestly, who was expecting Cass to still be under the cowl? Don't get me wrong.. I crossed my fingers and wished it would be so...but alas it wasn't meant to be. Probably because she doesn't have an impressive enough fan-base. Excuse me, what I mean to say is not that her fan-base isn't large enough but that Cass Cain doesn't have an impressive enough fan-base to be recognized or even slightly visible to the DC bigwigs. 

I told my comic shop guy I knew Cass wouldn't be flying as the Batgirl come August, but he strongly disagreed with me. He also continued in his explanation promising that Didio himself said he would never put Barbara back under the cowl.  I wasn't privy to this knowledge, if it is fact...which I am not wholly convinced on or otherwise DC forums wouldn't be filled with the nervous chatter of Barb's cape resurrection.

My money is on Stephanie Brown. Though it is difficult to put my GoStephanie! fangirl bias aside, I do honestly think Steph would be rad as Batgirl. Not only would she be the first canon female Robin, but to my knowledge, the first person to have ever worked as both Batgirl & Robin. If thats not fun I don't know what is...


Jun. 25th, 2009

How To Break Your Fingers With The Utmost Badassery

So generally some really nice, fun art here; quite a few scenes of cleavage overload...but what else did anyone expect? Nothing to really complain about.
That said...
I have been a dancer my whole life- graduated from performing arts high school and am now working towards my BFA in Modern Dance... And in the modern scene you must master an awful lot of different inversions.

The most IMPORTANT rule to approaching an inversion is to put your WHOLE palm on the surface, as a dancer this photo makes me cringe.

I'm not sure on the technique for any sort of gymnastics or martial arts, but I imagine this isn't a good idea in any field... your whole weight on the tips of 4 fingers...

I have done choreographically similar inversions, &I would have been extremely reprimanded in class for this.
Whole hand down.
always, always, always.

(i suppose it's also not too safe to have a venom-filled plant as a best friend <3 )

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